Alloy Steel Pipes And Tubes After Heat Treatment

Alloy Steel Pipes And Tubes After heat treatment

The delivery status of the alloy steel pipe and the pipe is generally carried out after the hot-rolled state is subjected to heat treatment. Alloy steel pipe and pipe after the quality inspection to go through the staff after the rigorous manual selection, after the quality inspection to the surface of the oil, and then followed by a number of cold drawing experiments, hot rolling after the perforation of the experiment, If the perforation is too large to be straightening correction. In the straightening and then sent by the transmission device to the flaw detector for testing, and finally labeled, the specifications arranged after the placement into the warehouse.

Round pipe → heating → perforation → three roll skew rolling, continuous rolling or extrusion → off pipe → sizing (or reducing diameter) → cooling → straightening → water pressure test (or flaw detection) → mark → storage seamless steel pipe Is made of steel ingot or solid tube through the perforated tube, and then by hot rolling, cold or cold made. The specifications of the seamless steel pipe are indicated by the outer diameter * wall thickness mm.

Hot-rolled seamless pipe diameter is generally greater than 32mm, wall thickness of 2.5-200mm, cold-rolled seamless steel pipe diameter to 6mm, wall thickness to 0.25mm, thin-walled tube diameter to 5mm wall thickness of less than 0.25mm, cold Rolling ratio is higher than that of hot rolling.

Thermal expansion pipe limited to the thermal expansion of steel pipe factory specifications are limited, according to the needs of consumers end of the thermal expansion of the pipe was born, thermal expansion of long-seam welded pipe specifications model is relatively large, generally based on the needs of customers made, Is that we often say that the thermal expansion of the pipe, the density is relatively low but the strong shrinkage of the pipe, (seamless steel pipe) can be referred to as thermal expansion pipe. With a skew or pull method to expand the diameter of a pipe

Hot-rolled steel pipe used in the two-step propulsion tube expansion machine set cone mode expansion technology, digital IF induction heating technology, hydraulic technology in a machine, with its reasonable technology, lower energy consumption, low construction investment, good Of the product quality, wide range of raw materials and product specifications applicability, flexibility and low input into the production of bulk adaptability, replacing the traditional steel pipe industry pull-type expansion technology. As in the near future difficult to solve the supply of large diameter steel pipe, thermal expansion of steel pipe to become a major supplier of large-diameter steel pipe shortage. Easing the supply of large-diameter steel pipe market tension

First clean up the welding of oil, paint, water, rust, etc., and then according to the wall thick groove, thick to open some large, thin to open a little (angle grinder), and then is the gap on the goods, the general Is the electrode or wire diameter of 1-1.5 times, if you do not carefully open the groove can be appropriate to stay small. Point welding at least three points, generally four points better work. Welding time should be half of the welding, the starting point is better than the bottom of a centimeter or so, so good from the opposite joints. If the wall thickness, it should be layered, at least two layers, the first layer of the whole circle welding can be welded second layer.