Boiler Steel Tubes Production Methods And Uses

  Boiler Steel Tubes Boiler steel pipe refers to both ends of the opening and has a hollow section, the length and the surrounding relatively large steel, according to the production method can be divided into seamless steel pipe and welded steel pipe, boiler steel pipe specifications with external dimensions (such as outside diameter or side length) And wall thickness, the size of a wide range, from a very small diameter of the capillary until the diameter of several meters of large diameter tube. Steel pipes can be used for pipes, thermal equipment, machinery industry, petroleum geological exploration, containers, chemical industry and special purpose.

   Boiler Steel Tubes Boiler steel pipe is a seamless tube. The manufacturing method is the same as that of the seamless pipe, but it has strict requirements for the steel used in making the steel pipe. According to the use of high and low temperature is divided into general boiler tubes and high pressure boiler tube two.

The mechanical properties of steel are important indicators to ensure the ultimate use of steel (mechanical properties), which depends on the chemical composition of steel and heat treatment system. In the steel pipe standard, according to different requirements, the tensile properties (tensile strength, yield strength or yield point, elongation) and hardness, toughness indicators, as well as the user requirements of high and low temperature performance.

1 Overview

(1) Manufacturing methods:

① general use of the boiler tube temperature below 450 ℃, domestic tube mainly with 10, 20 carbon steel hot-rolled tube or cold-drawn tube manufacturing.

② high pressure boiler steel pipe is often used in high temperature and high pressure conditions, the tube in the role of high temperature flue gas and water vapor, will occur oxidation and corrosion. Requiring steel pipe with high durability, high oxidation resistance, and good organizational stability.

(2) Uses:

② high-pressure boiler tube is mainly used to manufacture high-pressure and ultra-high pressure boiler superheater tube, reheater tube, air pipe, the main steam pipe.

 ① general boiler tube is mainly used to make water wall tube, boiling water pipe, superheated steam pipe, locomotive boiler with superheated steam pipe, large, small pipe and arch pipe.

2. Category

Boiler steel pipe according to the high temperature performance is divided into general boiler tubes and high pressure boiler tubes. Regardless of the general boiler tubes or high pressure boiler tubes according to their use requirements can be divided into a variety of steel pipe.

3. Specifications and appearance quality

(1) GB3087-82 "low pressure boiler seamless steel pipe" requirement. Various types of structural boiler steel pipe specifications, diameter 10 ~ 426mm, a total of 43 kinds. Wall thickness of 1.5 ~ 26mm total of 29 species. But the locomotive boiler with superheated steam pipe, large smoke pipe, small pipe and arch pipe outside the diameter and wall thickness otherwise specified.

(2) GB5310-95 "high pressure boiler seamless steel pipe" hot runner diameter 22 ~ 530mm, wall thickness 20 ~ 70mm range. Cold drawn (cold rolled) tube diameter 10 ~ 108mm, wall thickness 2.0 ~ 13.0mm range.

4.Boiler Steel Tubes Chemical composition test

(3) The chemical composition of the imported boiler steel pipe inspection according to the relevant provisions of the contract.