Cause Analysis Of Low Temperature Embrittlement Of Cold Rolled Precision Tube Light

Bright cold brittleness of steel pipe precision (or low temperature embrittlement) represented by the ductile-brittle transition temperature Tc. Gao Chuntie (0.01%C) Tc 1100 c, below this temperature is in a brittle State.
Bright steel pipe precision most of the alloying elements in increasing the ductile-brittle transition temperature of cold rolled precision steel tube light, increasing cold and brittle.
Upon fracture toughness at room temperature or longer, bright steel pipe precision dimple fracture surface of fracture surface, and the brittle fracture at low temperatures for cleavage.

Bright low temperature embrittlement of steel pipe precision because:
(1) deformation dislocation source of dislocation is clear of obstacles (such as grain boundaries, the second equal) blocked, local stress over bright steel pipe precision the theoretical strength of micro-cracks.
(2) several pile-up of dislocations at grain boundaries into a micro-cracks.
(3) two intersecting slip band reaction, cause dislocations%26lt;010%26gt;, wedge-shaped microcracks it along the {100} cleavage crack