Does Not Meet The Environmental Requirements Of The Iron And Steel Enterprises Will Be Withdrawn From The Market

The "Thirteen-Five" field of the steel industry will become the focus of environmental governance, combined with China's push to resolve the excess capacity can not meet the environmental requirements of the iron and steel enterprises will be withdrawn from the market. This reporter recently held th China Steel Forum was informed that the latest information on energy-saving and emission reduction.
Ministry of Energy Secretary Gao Yunhu said at the Forum, the "Thirteen-Five" period in the process of industrialization in China and will pay more attention to ecological civilization construction, China's got extensive pattern of high energy consumption, high emission, such as the iron and steel industry energy-efficiency gap compared to international advanced level close to 10%, continue to close the gap to meet the ecological civilization construction requirements. With energy-saving law "Twelve-Five" during the update, energy-saving standard binding "Thirteen-Five" period will be further strengthened.
Depending on your deployment, "Thirteen-Five" steel industry standards will be tightened sharply during the period, the head of sintering particles, head of sintering of iron particles of sulfur dioxide, the main emission standards will be reduced by 60%, 92% and 90%. "All enterprises regardless of their size according to the standards, violations should be severely punished so that cost is far higher than the compliance costs, corporate buganyueleichiyibu. "Gao Yunhu said.
Metallurgical industry planning research institute director Li Xin said that future scale iron and steel enterprises will be put under strict control, development of industry will enter a low or reduced environmental standards will result in some change of energy consumption structure, forcing use of coal decreased speed up the backward production capacity eliminated and the adjustment of production structure will prompt can not meet the requirements of environmental protection enterprises and gradually withdraw from the market.