Galvanized Square Pipe


The galvanized square pipe is divided into hot galvanized square pipe and cold galvanized square pipe. It is precisely because of the addition of these two galvanized square pipes that they produce many different physical and chemical properties. In general, there are many differences in strength, toughness and mechanical properties.


Curtain wall, construction, machinery manufacturing, etc.


Stronger protection and corrosion resistance.

Galvanized square pipe

Hot dip galvanized square tube: it is in the use of steel sheet or strip made of curly formed after welded square tube, and on the basis of this kind of square tube tube in hot galvanizing pool formed after a series of chemical reactions in a square tube. Hot dip galvanized square pipe production technology is relatively simple, and the production efficiency is very high, specifications, also this kind of square tube required equipment and very little money, suitable for small production of galvanized square pipe manufacturer. But the strength of the steel tube is much lower than that of the seamless tube. Galvanized square pipe

Galvanized square tubes is a kind of hot rolled or cold rolled galvanized strip steel or galvanized coils for billet after cold bending forming after made by high frequency welding square cross section shape of the size of the hollow rectangular cross section steel tube; Or the prefabricated cold curved hollow steel tube is made of galvanized square tube with hot dip galvanizing.

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Galvanized square pipe


Hot dip galvanized square pipe and cold galvanized square pipe.

Folding cold galvanized square pipe.

The cold galvanized square pipe is used in the square pipe to use the principle of cold galvanizing to prevent corrosion. Different from hot dip galvanized cold galvanized coatings mainly through electrochemical principle for corrosion protection, so must ensure that the full contact of zinc powder and steel electrode potential difference, so it's very important to steel surface treatment.

The difference between folding and hot galvanizing.

Galvanized square pipe has hot galvanized square pipe and galvanized square pipe. Hot dip galvanized square pipe has wet method, dry method, lead and zinc method, REDOX method and so on. The main difference of different hot galvanizing methods is to improve the quality of galvanizing on the surface of the tube after the acid leaching of the tube. In present production, dry method and REDOX method are mainly used. The surface of zinc coating is very smooth, dense and uniform. Good mechanical properties and corrosion resistance; Zinc consumption is 60%~75% lower than hot dip galvanization. Electrogalvanizing has a certain degree of complexity in technology, but it is necessary to apply this method to single-sided coating, double-sided coating with different coating thickness inside and outside, as well as thin-walled tube galvanization.

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