Groove Tube Connection With Traditional Connections

Groove tube connection operation is very simple and requires no special expertise, ordinary workers are after simple training to operate. This is because the product has a lot of fine technical parts with factory-fitted into the finished product. A pipe connection takes only a few minutes time, simplifies the operation of the maximum technical difficulty, save time, and thus stable quality, improve work efficiency. It is connected to overall direction of technology development.
Traditional welded and flanged pipe connections, not only needs to have the appropriate skills for welders and time-consuming to worker harder, and welding fume pollution. Due to differences in operating space and welding skills, welding quality and appearance is difficult to achieve a satisfactory result, thus affecting the overall quality of the project.
In addition, as the Groove tube into finished products, the operational space required on site, can truly achieve against a wall corner installation, operational difficulty is greatly reduced, saving covering an area, beautify the effect of pipeline installation.