Hot-dip Galvanized Steel Pipe (GB/T3091-2015) Market First Inspection Of Physical Quality Held In Tianjin

On March 12, the launching ceremony for the first spot inspection of physical quality of hot-dip galvanized steel pipes (GB/T3091-2015) in China's steel pipe industry was held at the Tianjin Social Mountain Hotel. The actual physical sampling of the market will be conducted by selecting about 15 cities (regions) across the country to carry out the project, and then sending the sample products to domestic authoritative organizations for quality inspection and centralizing the results of the inspections.


The event was jointly sponsored by the Steel Association of China Steel Structure Association and the Metallurgical Industry Information Standards Institute, and the Steel Pipeline Standards Promotion Committee of the China Steel Structure Association (hereinafter referred to as the Steel Pipeline Committee). The meeting was presided over by Wei Xuezhi, Secretary General of the Steel Pipeline Branch; A total of nearly 100 enterprises and user representatives from the industry attended the conference, and in-depth exchanges were held on related hot topics in the steel tube industry.

It is understood that the implementation of the new national standard for hot-dip galvanized steel pipe has been implemented for nearly two years, but there are still some companies that have taken a protracted and indifferent attitude toward the implementation of the new national standard, which has greatly affected the large-scale pattern of healthy development of the The spirit of the overall development program of quality and standards that the country actively encourages and promotes runs counter to the spirit. It is precisely because of this, starting physical quality inspections in the market, it is particularly important and significant to carry out a thorough investigation of the quality of steel pipes in the entire market.

As the first joint promotion of the industry organization - the market physical quality inspection activities, its core starting point is the landing of the national quality revitalization plan to promote the quality of steel pipe industry to promote China to promote the transition from a big steel country to a strong steel country. Through the physical quality inspection of the steel pipe market, on the one hand, we can have a clear understanding of the product quality of the steel pipe market at the current stage, and provide reference for the later steel pipe standardization committee to jointly implement the leading enterprises. On the other hand, through physical quality inspection activities, it is possible to promote the formation of a good quality supervision atmosphere for the entire steel tube industry. It is of great significance for the steel tube industry to reshape the image of the industry and create brand enterprises.

In addition, with the launch of the first physical quality inspection, under the guidance of the Committee for the Identification of Steel Pipes, the quality supervision work of the steel pipe industry in the future will be normalized during the “execution-summary-execution” process, and will be carried out at least twice a year. Quality spot-checking activities shall be announced to the public during the 3.15 Consumer Rights Day or the standard implementation of the annual event or the national quality month. The purpose is to continue to encourage good practice of new national standard enterprises, so that fraudulent enterprises have nowhere to hide.

It is reported that from the second quarter of 2018 onwards, the steel pipe standardization committee will unite with many steel pipe enterprises and government quality inspection departments, authoritative monitoring agencies and related media to jointly hold the “New National Standards Promotion Forum”, “Enterprise Quality Miles” and “New”. A series of activities such as the “National Red and Black List” and “Reporting of counterfeit and inferior materials” have thoroughly purify the market chaos in the steel pipe industry “bad money drives out good money” and jointly promoted the quality improvement of the entire steel pipe industry to jointly meet the arrival of the quality economic era.

In the future, the Steel Pipes Standardization Committee will actively make use of the professional advantages of the various organizations, actively rely on the new national standard, and promote the quality of the steel pipe industry in an all-round way. By building a "standard quality improvement platform" for the steel pipe industry, more steel pipe manufacturers will be brought together. , circulation units and users, jointly promote the implementation of standards; relying on the strength of standards, promote steel pipe industry to upgrade, and promote the development of industry enterprises in the direction of standardization and branding.