Li Keqiang: Nearly Three Years To Close Down Backward Iron And Steel Production Capacity Of 90 Million Tons

12th session of the national people's Congress fourth Conference today (5th) open government work report of Premier Li.
Li said China started to implement the 2025 ' made in China, setting up national industries venture capital fund, the SME Development Fund, expanding the national independent innovation demonstration zone. Actively resolve the overcapacity, promote the merger and reorganization of enterprises. Nearly three years to close down backward steel-making iron production capacity of more than 90 million tons, 230 million tons of cement, more than 76 million weight cases of plate glass, anodized aluminum to more than 1 million tons. Promote productive, accelerated development of consumer services. Pay close attention to energy conservation and environmental protection, the binding targets exceeded. Published independent action on emissions goals, promoting the positive outcome of the international negotiations on climate change.
Li said, to strengthen urban planning and construction management. Enhance scientific, authoritative, openness of urban planning to promote "more regulation". Construction of underground comprehensive pipe Gallery more than 2000 kilometers. Actively promoting green building and building materials, development and Assembly of steel structure buildings, improving construction standards and quality. Build smarter cities, improving the living environment, and make people's lives more secure and more worry, more comfortable.
Li said, efforts to resolve excess capacity and reducing cost and increasing efficiency. Focus on difficulties in the steel, coal industry productivity, market force, enterprises, organizations, Central and local support, economic, legal, technical, environmental, quality, security and other means, and strictly control new capacity, resolutely eliminate backward production capacity, an orderly exit from the excess capacity. Take measures such as mergers and acquisitions, debt restructuring or bankruptcy, actively yet prudently dispose of "zombies". Improve policies for fiscal, financial and other support, the Central Government allocated 100 billion yuan of special awards and subsidies, key is used to shunt placement of workers. Take comprehensive measures to reduce trade, logistics, finance, energy and other costs, resolutely curb Enterprise fees involved.