Precision Cold Drawn Shaped Steel Tube Performance Index

1. the property index analysis of shaped steel tubes-plastic
Plasticity refers to the metal loading, plastic deformation (permanent deformation) without breaking capacity.
2. performance index-hardness of shaped steel tube
Degree of hardness is a measure of hard and soft metal pointer. Determination of hardness in the current production method is the most commonly used method of indentation hardness, it is with a certain geometry of the head must be pressed into the metal surface to be tested under load, depending on the pressed to determine the hardness value.
3. shaped pipe performance index-fatigue
Discussed earlier strength, ductility, hardness is metal mechanical properties under static load pointer. In fact, many are in working under cyclic loading of machine parts, parts in such conditions can produce fatigue.
4. the property index-impact toughness of shaped steel tube
At great speed in loading on the mechanical impact load, metal in the ability to resist damage under impact load is called toughness.
5. performance index-strength of shaped steel tube
Intensity refers to the metallic materials under static load resistant to damage (excess plastic deformation or fracture). Due to loads there are tensile, compression, bending, shearing and other forms, so is also divided into tensile strength, compressive strength, flexural strength, shear strength, etc. Strength guest, often a link, use more generally with tensile strength as the most basic pointers.