Precision Tube, Rectangular Pipe Angle (angle): The Meaning Of

Precision tube, rectangular pipe angle (angle): the meaning of
Special-shaped steel tube, rectangular tube, square tube conventional welded stainless steel square pipe, usually using a Turkey head roller is equipped with several rectangular roll to produce.
Produced mainly by rolling an integer, because the two roller roller is structured, there are four corners of square and rectangular tube roll gap and corner condition less common questions, resulting in square and rectangular tubes four corners not sharp, R=1. 2T, rectangle corner radius outside the tube feet, f for wall thickness. Although the match company, but does not satisfy the user requirements for products of high quality.
New plan using the Turkey first four roller rolling integer because Turkey head mounted four-roll structure the same, four point gap flat corners force together, when the force is large enough, corner plastic deformation of metal fill corners, it tube the exterior appearance of plane intersection with the arc--that is, horns,
Right angle (pointed angle) shaped pipe, moment tube, party tube deformation mechanism in Turkey head four roll center line at tube billet cross section, rectangle tube of pointed angle constitute mechanism and General party rectangle tube by twists and turns into angle is not as of, it by of is roll of rolling force, after arc arch occurred squeeze pressure f, makes steel with angle Department occurred plastic deformation to makes shaped pipe, moment tube, party tube fill angle Department and into. ARC arches diagonally-filled pressure Turkey first four roller curved surface for steel with the same cross section, satisfactory condition, after roller pressure so that the corner metal plastic deformation, constitute a sharp corner.