Round Steel Bars Main Raw Materials

Round Steel Bars Main raw materials

PC steel rods in China despite the late start in the late 80s and the introduction of the product

Production technology; Wuxi Xicheng rolling mill since 1987 began to trial production of PC steel bar, in 1988 to the south of Guangzhou pipe plant to provide the first batch of products (20 tons), qualified for the production of φ400PHC pile more than 300 root, and After the success of the test pile for the project. Through the introduction and development of equipment, design and production capacity developed rapidly, but on the whole, is still in the production and application of the exploration stage. Compared with the imported PC steel bar, the gap is mainly manifested in: the performance of the steel bar is poor uniformity; the upsetting phenomenon is serious in the process; the straightness can not meet the requirements; the slackness is high; the appearance and packing quality Poor. PC steel bar in the country can really mass production is not much, the actual output but also 2-4 million tons. Resulting in China's pipe plant used PC steel bar and raw materials, most of the need for imports from Japan, South Korea and Australia, only a small number of domestic.

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PC steel bar is the main raw material is no twist cold hot-rolled wire rod, steel main grades are 30MnSi, 35Si2Mn. There is a serious problem in the presence of ribbon, mainly due to the lack of temperature control during continuous casting and rolling. Production of high quality PC steel bar, wire rods need to meet the surface quality is good, low content of inclusions, high purity, through the components segregation and fluctuations in small, stable mechanical properties, fine grain and other requirements. Later, after several technical innovation and improvement, the successful development of an increase of V, B and other micro-alloy 45Si2Cr. Now the major domestic steel mills such as Baosteel, Anshan Iron and Steel, Shougang, Baotou Steel, Tang Gang, Tian Gang, etc. can produce grades for the 45Si2Cr prestressed steel bar with high-performance wire rod.

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With the rapid development of national economic construction and the improvement of people's living standards, capital construction in China has been

Is the most important economic growth point. PC steel bar production quality and the continuous improvement of prices, coupled with the high cost of construction steel prices brought a series of benefits in-depth understanding of the application of PC steel bar more and more common demand is steadily growing. 2000 Guangdong Provincial Department of Construction issued a mandatory document, where the construction of the building must be in charge of the pile (pipe pile must use PC steel bar). According to 2000 estimates, China's PC steel bar annual consumption may reach 500,000 tons. In the next period of time, the production of PC steel rods have a broad market potential and prospects for development, economic benefits significantly. On the other hand, China's annual production capacity of wire rod has reached 20 million tons / year, according to the world's first, accounting for 20% of China's total steel; but the total processing output of about 400 million tons, only the total amount of 20 %; This ratio is about 90% of the total amount of products in advanced countries. The United States is to identify the final product to be processed into a product after use, otherwise it is a great waste of steel. Therefore, combined with China's national conditions, do a good job of high-tech technology products research and development, and promote the production of new technology, new equipment applications, accession to China's metallurgical products and enterprises in the international market competition is of great significance.