Stainless Steel Pipes And Tubes Development And Trade

  Stainless Steel Pipes And Tubes Stainless steel pipe is a hollow long circular steel, mainly used in petroleum, chemical, medical, food, light industry, mechanical instruments and other industrial pipelines and mechanical structural components. In addition, the bending, torsion strength of the same, the lighter weight, it is also widely used in the manufacture of mechanical parts and engineering structure. Also used as furniture, kitchen utensils and so on.

  Stainless Steel Pipes And Tubes Where both ends of the opening and has a hollow section, and its length and length of the cross-section of the larger steel, can be called steel. When the length and length of the cross-section is relatively small, can be called pipe or pipe fittings, they belong to the category of pipe products.

  Stainless Steel Pipes And Tubes For more than sixty years, architects have been using stainless steel to build cost-effective permanent buildings. Many of the existing buildings fully illustrate the correctness of this option. Some are very ornamental, such as Chrysler Building in New York City. But in many other applications, the role of stainless steel is not so compelling, but in the building's aesthetic and performance has played an important role. For example, since stainless steel is more wear resistant and resistant to stamping than other metal materials of the same thickness, it is the preferred material for designers when building sidewalks where the flow of people is large.

  Stainless steel has been used for the construction of new buildings and structural materials used to repair historic sites for more than 70 years. The early design was calculated on the basis of the basic principles. Today, the design specifications, for example, the American Society of Civil Engineers ANSI / ASCE-8-90 "cold-formed stainless steel structural parts design specifications" and NiDI and Euro Inox jointly published "structural stainless steel design manual" has simplified the long service life, The design of structural parts with good integrity.

  Stainless Steel Pipes And Tubes Stainless steel exports is an important part of China's export economy, it has an important role in stimulating China's economic growth, but from the current situation of China's stainless steel trade, China's stainless steel exports encountered a greater resistance.