Wire Rods Ordinary Wire

Wire Rods Ordinary wire

Wire is mainly used for reinforcement of reinforced concrete and welded structural parts or re-processing (such as wire, nails, etc.) raw materials. According to the distribution of steel catalog, wire, including ordinary low-carbon steel hot-rolled wire rod, wire rod, blasting line with wire rod, quenched and tempered wire rod, high-quality wire rod. The use of a wide range of wire is mainly ordinary low-carbon steel hot-rolled wire rod, also known as ordinary wire, it is by Q195, Q215, Q235 ordinary carbon steel hot-rolled, nominal diameter of 5.5-14.0mm, Plate weight in the 100-200kg, and more use of non-twisted high-speed wire rod rolling and rolling control to take control, the diameter of 5.5-22.0mm maximum plate weight up to 2500kg. Ordinary wire is mainly used for construction, drawing, packaging, welding rods and manufacturing bolts, nuts, rivets and so on. Quality wire, only supply high-quality carbon structural steel hot-rolled wire rod. Such as ML08AL, 08F, 10b21, 35Mn, 50Mn, 65,75Mn and so on. Used as wire and other metal products, raw materials and other structural parts, other high-quality steel rolling wire. Accustomed to more than 8mm included in high-quality profiles, 8mm included in the following metal products.

Wire is one of the very large varieties of steel. After rolling can be directly used for reinforcement of reinforced concrete and welded structural parts, but also by re-processing use. For example, by drawing into a variety of specifications of steel wire, and then twisted into a wire rope, woven into a steel wire mesh and winding forming and heat treatment into a spring; hot, cold forged rivets and cold forging and rolling into bolts, screws, etc .; Cut into heat treatment made of mechanical parts or tools.

China is the world's largest producer of wire, the annual output accounted for more than one third of the world's total production, wire is China's second largest steel production varieties, the proportion of domestic steel production has been higher in 2007, domestic steel production accounted for China's steel 14.2% of the total output ratio. In recent years, domestic wire production and basic domestic crude steel production growth rate is almost, remained at around 20% in 2007 growth rate has slowed down to 13.8%, the total is relatively nearly doubled in 2003. From the wire import and export situation, the long-term wire has been China's major steel export varieties, but also China has maintained a net export status of steel varieties, especially in recent years, particularly rapid growth in exports. In 2007, China exported 6.238 million tons of wire rods, an increase of 684,000 tons over the previous year, an increase of 12.3%; imports of 61.4 million tons, down 91,000 tons over the previous year. From the domestic wire consumption situation, the wire in the construction area of the application of more, since 2000, driven by strong domestic investment demand situation, domestic wire consumption also will maintain a rapid growth.

Wire in many areas with a deeper use: the most extensive is the IT industry.